Hannover. Shaun Norris reached the pinnacle of wheelchair basketball, securing a World Championship and a Paralympic gold medal. In the summer of 2022, he made a move to Hannover United, clinching the EuroCup 3 title in his inaugural year at Hannover.

Born on April 2, 1985, in Queensland, Australia, Shaun has been in a wheelchair since a car accident at the age of four. Prior to basketball, he initially pursued swimming to beat the Queensland heat. "It was very hot, and my mother thought it would be a good idea to cool off and exercise, so I started swimming," Norris recounts. Though fast swimmer, he competed against non-disabled children, giving them an advantage and quite a challenge.

At the age of nine, after relocating to Perth, Shaun discovered a swimming competition for individuals with disabilities which he didnt think exsisted. "I came home that day with twelve gold medals" he recalls with a laugh. But the beginning of Basketball story began when he was doing stunts with his wheelchair on the wet surface of the pool deck during the competition. This caught the eye of a wheelchair basketball coach, leading to an invitation to try out. "From the first training session, I fell in love with the sport," states the Australian.

At 15, Shaun watched the Sydney 2000 Paralympic games on TV and watched the Australian Wheelchair Basketball Team, igniting his ambition to represent his country in basketball. Subsequently, he devoted all his free time to training and, in 2001, played his first tournament for Australia. His professional career commenced with the Perth Wheelcats, followed by two years in Italy and another two Spain before returning to Australia.

Throughout his extensive career, Shaun secured two silver medals at the Paralympic Games, triumphing in 2008, and earned two bronze and two gold medals at the World Championships (2010 and 2014). Reflecting on his achievements, he expresses pride in winning the gold medal in Beijing and being voted into the World All-Star Team twice and World MVP in 2014.

In the summer of 2022, Shaun joined Hannover United, extending his contract for another year before the season. He explains his decision to focus solely on basketball and views his time in Hannover as a positive return to Europe.

Shaun feels at home in Hannover, drawing parallels with his hometown of Perth. Despite the cold weather, he appreciates the beauty and historic charm of the city. The camaraderie at Hannover United stands out to him, describing it as a welcoming family where he has found lifelong friends.

Beyond his titles and medals, Shaun cherishes the birth of his son as the most beautiful moment in his life. Despite the challenges of being away from his family in Germany, he acknowledges the sacrifices made and expresses gratitude to his partner for her unwavering support. "I can only thank Bon; she's sacrificing more than I have to do this. She's just a great woman," Norris acknowledges.

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